FSClassics websiteRelated to old aircraft, aviation history and World War2, and linked firmly to the flight simulator hobby so many hundreds of thousands of people all over the world still indulge in, here is FSClassics.com !

Set up initially to further the products of FSAddon Publishing, notably their WW2 range of aircraft, it is now expanding into much more. Our latest project, called Normandy 1944, will be featured and followed extensively on this site. The aim of Normandy 1944 is to re-enact the D-Day landings within the flight simulator….. not so much as an action adventure – we don’t do shoot-em-up games – but more of a living, 3D diorama of the situation before, during and after the invasion of June 6t, 1944.

There is room for other information too of course, and ultimately ‘aviation’ is still the main theme of the site!

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