…. but also renewed energy !

The setback occurred because of our involvement with and help from the Whitebeam Forum. Some of the researchers there had already done extensive prodding and documenting of the Hiesville area, and found some aerial photos showing the fields that we thought #29 had landed in (according to the map Bob received from the Texas museum).
Unfortunately on those aerial recce photos of June 12th there is NO TRACE of ANY glider in the fields the map indicates. BUMMER !

But….. at the same time we learned that the medical aid post Bob’s father mentioned in his stories could have been further east and NOT the Colombieres Castle (as I already figured, because it is too big and doesn’t fit his description.

The picture below (kindly supplied and annotated by Pat Curran) shows where we were looking until now (F7 F8) and where we’ll be focusing on next (X Y)…. back to the drawing boar d!


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