They were bound to pop up, knowing that a lot of information got garbled…..After doing further research and comparing the 74th TC map with the Combat Crew Rosters of Chicago and Keokuk I got more confused. The latter document seems to imply that the SAME C-47’s were used for both (or more) sorties…… which could be true of course. The names of the pilots and the ‘Ship number’ of the aircraft remain the same, but the ‘chalk number’ changes per sortie.

So are we looking at another #29 on the drawn map than on the roster? And is the list shown on Pat Elie’s wonderful website yet different again? The ‘Chicago’ mission is numbered #27, and the #29 TOW plane is Mitchell’s C-47, ship number 044, with F/O Biggs and F/O Brown in the Waco behind it.The same Mitchell/Matejka in ship #044 show up as chalk #21 in Keokuk on the Roster list and on Pat’s webpages, now towing F/O Bradley (and F/O Klein?) in another Waco.

I am now trying to put stories next to each other of various accounts of the action, from both pilots and 101 paratroopers, to see if there are any that witnessed the fate of Bill’s Waco and subsequent adventure…..

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