During research for the book I encounter interesting links almost daily. I figure some of them may be of use for my blog’s readers too….. in no particular order.


Airborne Troop Carrier : http://www.airbornetroopcarrier.com/home.html

Website by H. den Brok from The Netherlands; “…… This website is dedicated to the men of the Troop Carrier outfits who played a major role in the airborne operations executed in Europe 1944-1945. Where there is a lot of information and attention to the airborne forces, the role of the Troop Carriers are some times overlooked. And information about the actions, achievements and experiences of the Troop Carrier men are less known…..”

D-Day 6 June : http://www.6juin1944.com/

A wonderful website by Patrick Elie from France, chock full of information about D-Day, Normandy and associated sites and events. Patrick is also one of the important members of the Whitebeam Battlefield Research Forum. One important aspect of Patrick’s site is the extensive list of memorials and other important places complete with GPS coordinates !