What’s with this website?

Here’s how it all started……. and please bear with me for a bit……

Way back in 2007 I visited a wonderful aviation museum in Florida, Fantasy of Flight, owned and run by Kermit Weeks. One of the aircraft I saw there was a Fieseler Storch, a small German aircraft used for recce and VIP transport….. and many other things. I already knew the aircraft from my lifelong interest in all things WW2 of course, and had seen a few of them in England and other countries too.
It so happened that I was looking for a ‘companion’  of our FSX Westland Lysander. And for those of you not ‘in the know’, FSX is Flight Simulator X, a computer simulation by Microsoft, and I am involved in the flightsim hobby for over 30 years now, and a publisher of add-on programs for it.
So the Storch was an excellent and interesting aircraft for that purpose, with not too many around in the model scene yet.

We were visiting relatives in Florida again in 2010 and I planned a visit to the museum to photograph the Storch in detail, to be used for our 3D modeler on the project. While publishing my plans on the Internet (Facebook), I was contacted by one of my flightsim ‘friends’, Bob Brown III. He lives near Tequesta (where our relatives have their dwelling) and offered to help me get to Fantasy of Flight.
Long story short, Bob and I met, he drove me all the way up and back again, we had a wonderful day together and stayed in touch ever since.

Then one day early 2013 Bob contacted me and told me a cousin of him – Robert L. Brown, a retired US Air Force Lt. Colonel – was looking for help on research of his father’s military career in World War 2. His father had been a glider co-pilot and pilot, and survived three major campaigns; in Normandy, The Netherlands and Germany. And now Robert wanted to trace his footsteps, find out what happened where, and maybe even visit the places his father had landed.

We got in touch via the Internet, found that we had a lot in common and decided to work together to try and find more facts on the Glider missions that Bob’s father was part of.

The blog you are reading now is meant to take you along on our quest to find some more facts of the absolutely amazing things that happened now almost 70 years ago and shaped history in Europe and the US.

Thank you for reading !