Well, sorry, it doesn’t exist yet. But I am planning to write it, telling the story of Bob’s father, tracing his whereabouts across Western Europe in the second World War, maybe visiting those places 70 years later and hopefully reminding the people of today and tomorrow whom they thank their freedom to, and what to be weary of……

I’ll keep you updated on any progress on ‘the book’. For now I’ll post whatever we find in our daily, weekly or monthly news items 🙂

Stay tuned !

Working Chapters:

  • Authors backgrounds
  • Request from the US
  • About William Brown
  • The WACO history
  • WW2 Theatres, Waco Operations
  • The Search
    • Normandy
    • Market Garden
    • Varsity
  • The sites today


  • Resources
  • Acknowledgements
  • Maps
  • Multi-media