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What is about? Airplanes! Aviation! And anything and anybody associated.

But not ‘just’ aviation. You can find thousands of websites on flying, aviation, pilot supplies, airfields and just about everything else. AVClassic is about OLD aircraft and the love of so many people for them. The HISTORY of aviation, of the aircraft, of the pioneers building and flying them.

We are trying to provide you with as much information on WHERE to go to still find those old aircraft and the people maintaining them. Museums, Collections, Restoration sites, Airshows, Clubs…… so in short:

Your One-Stop Resource For Classic Aviation Info

AVClassic is a living thing, a work in progress, a labor of love and a place to ADD information to. If you know of anything that is missing, PLEASE contact us via the CONTACT FORM. Also, nearing my retirement, I hope to have more time in future to update and expand the site. Until then you’ll have to bear with me on occasional updates…… and on facebook 😉

Wishing you LOADS of fun browsing our pages!

François A. ‘Navman’ Dumas


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Please note that the site is very much ‘under construction’ and it will take awhile before the pages are filled with sufficient data to attract larger number of people. Unfortunately I only have two hands… and type with four fingers.

So although we’d love to post your ads and get your contributions in keeping this all alive and kicking, we must warn you that you will not get thousands of eyes to see your ad just yet. But we’ll get there, so please check back often.

And as said, your help is much appreciated in the early stages of the venture too of course!

We greatly value ANY help in keeping this site running!

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