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Yes, no new additions these past 2 weeks. That’s because yours truly was away on a trip through Europe. We’re back now and I’ll continue to add new content. we have some great tips fro various readers that all need to get included. Thank you for contributing !!!
Oh, and if all goes well the posts here will also be echoed on our Facebook page automatically!

See the logo on the right!? You can now click on it and become a Facebook ‘friend’ of AVClassic too. Facebook seems to be ‘THE’ place to be these days. I know I use it more than my blog, it is much quicker and easier. Not entirely the same as a blog or proper website of course, but a great way to stay in touch with many people.

AVClassic Facebook posts are now also automatically relayed to another of these ‘new fangled social services’; Twitter. Yes, we ‘twit’ (or tweet?) all this news to mobile phones all over the world. Mind you, ‘twit’ in the Queen’s English has a total different meaning! *grin*.

We greatly value ANY help in keeping this site running!

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