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First post on our News Page.

As of now we’ll start filling the pages with links and information. Links to websites of museums, collections and other organizations occupied with the history of flying. Keeping that history alive, literally, is one of the things that we find VERY important. Too much is being taken for granted nowadays. Our kids are used to go through rigorous security checks at the airport, yes. But after that they walk through a tunnel and sit in a bus-like seat, fly somewhere and get out again. Without much thought most of the time. And so do we.

But how different was flying 60 or 80 years ago. And how impossible was it a mere 100 years ago !

We don’t want that colorful history of one of the most miraculous things in men’s evolution to go forgotten and all these museums, volunteers, mechanics, pilots and other people working day in day out to keep those old planes polished, and often even flying, share that passion.

This site is to make you aware of who they are, what they do and where to find them !

We greatly value ANY help in keeping this site running!

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