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Nina and I have been traveling quite extensively. We visited Aruba (and our daughter living there for a few years), then Florida (where one of our dearest nieces lives), followed by Washington, Alaska and California, before heading home via Paris.

I was fortunate to visit the Fantasy of Flight (professionally), the Boeing Museum in Seattle and subsequently fly to Ketchikan, Alaska, where we had a 2,5 hour flight through the foggy Misty Fjords in a DHC-2 Beaver. That was one of my dreams fo these past 8 years of ‘bush flying’ in MS Flight Simulator. I even visited the people in the Tower at Ketchikan Airport.

The I flew a small Vans RV4 owned and built by an enthusiastic Alaskan Airlines pilot, followed by a Taylorcraft owned by yet another Alaskan pilot! We – and me in particular with all this flying stuff – had an awesome time with our friends in Seattle!

And last but not least I visited the USS Hornet aircraft carrier in San Francisco, found Schelville Airfield (and a few other little fields) near Napa, and finally made it to the old Castle AFB, now a museum, down in Merced, CA.

I’ll be posting pictures of all of this of course, but now I have to catch up with work, work and some more work and, oh yes, AVClassics !

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